XTEK Group CEO visits XTEK’s Adelaide Manufacturing Facility (AMC)

Dec 3, 2021 | Research 2023

XTEK Limited’s newly appointed Group CEO, Mr Scott Basham, hasn’t wasted any time in visiting XTEK’s Adelaide Manufacturing Facility (AMC) following COVID travel restrictions being relaxed.

While spending several days at AMC, Basham inspected each part of the unique manufacturing facility and met each team member. In addition, Basham visited and met with the Special Projects division and toured the R&D facilities and labs, and took the opportunity to provide the whole Adelaide based team an update on how XTEK are performing and the future outlook.

Speaking of the visit, Basham was full of praise:

What the team here at AMC has accomplished in such a short period of time is truly amazing. Over A$10mil has been invested in this facility, and while we have a unique manufacturing capability in the XTclave™, we also have buildings, R&D facilities, and production lines that have XTEK well positioned to provide our customers with personal armour products with highest quality, and the highest protection level.

Our Adelaide Manufacturing Centre is fully operational, with state of the art technology and unique manufacturing processes that will set XTEK apart from other personal armour producers.

I’ve personally met each team member in Adelaide, spoken with them, and seen what they are doing to make XTEK’s products, and I was impressed with their professionalism, organisation, and quiet confidence. It was clearly demonstrated to me that our Ballistics Division is very well positioned to capitalise on opportunities we are seeing develop for 2022.

I want to thank the head of XTEK’s Armour & Composites, Craig Schmidt, for his tireless efforts in getting our AMC to this point, and congratulate Craig and his whole team on the remarkable efforts to date. These activities are in line with my comments at the recent XTEK AGM: we have a group-wide focus on costs, while enabling our team to fully utilise the assets we have to deliver the best products possible.”


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